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Motivation: You know the feeling, when you retrieve a developed roll of film and the lady on the photoshop counter turns on the lightbox for you? You see the results of your work for the first time (mostly as a negative). While you are in a status of satisfaction or disappointment, the lady offers a magnifying glass for selection of negatives to print.In times of digital images this situation is superseded by image representations on camera and computer screens. For me, the lightbox is an icon for the sensuality of photography, only comparable to the feeling when a black and white print becomes visible in the developing bath.For about 2 years now I post my lomographic style pictures at the photo communities Flickr and Ipernity. I found photo-enthusiasts there, interested in the same way I am. But I also felt, a more self-determined web appearence could be a good amendment. And this is it.


What to expect: An amateur photographers page with captures in “lomographic” style. And that is not necessarily because of the lomographic rules but more the lomographic tools. The subjects of my photographs are daily scenes and items which are underestimated in their artistic expression in my eyes. A part of my pictures are photos captured on analogue film material, often expired and crossprocessed slide film. The employment of mostly cheap camera equipment with plastic or bad glas lenses creates soft and blurry pictures with strong vignetting. This is caused by the erratic nature of the technique not by excessive use of software postprocessing. On the digital camera side I use the low resolution sensor in my iPod camera and lomographic apps for the same purpose and effects. In these cases I rely on the software of the iPod (often used in random mode) and again not on software post processing from the photographer.

W hat not to expect: A professional portfolio page with high resolution and quality stock photos for sale. People and wildlife, nice looking models, fantastic landscapes, impressive architecture – not my photographic subjects. Although I will update this page from time to time especially with new photos captured, there is no regular service here.







Because I think the community of my kind of photography is international, I chose English as the main language for this page. English is not my mother language, please forgive me erros in grammar and bad or at least strange usage of vocabulary. But I’m not annoyed about other languages used in communication (E-Mail, Guestbook …). All comments are really appreciated! So, enjoy this page and feel free to contact me! Use the information on the Legal Notice page.